A Brief Overview Of Learning Programmes At The Best School In Greater Noida West – The Millennium School

Our school ethos revolves around nurturing knowledge as well as building competencies, critical thinking, broader perspective, cognitive abilities, values and life skills in students. We have four distinct programmes tailored to deliver academic excellence throughout the school years, as students move from pre-school to intermediate level.

Class Concepts
  • Early Years Programme or Pre-primary Programme for the Foundational Wing (Gr. Pre-Nur to II)
  • Primary Programme or Elementary Programme for the Preparatory Wing (Gr. III to V)
  • Middle School Programme (Gr. VI to VIII)
  • Senior School Programme (Gr. IX to XII)

These programmes develop age-appropriate knowledge and facilitate meaningful interactions among students, educators, educational resources, learning environments, and the outside world. With dynamic discussions, circle times, interactive question-and-answer sessions, shared experiences, emotional support, reflective exercises, outdoor learning, etc. learners actively construct an understanding of both their internal and external worlds.

As one of the top schools in Greater Noida West, The Millennium School, Greater Noida (West) strikes a harmonious balance between academics and extracurricular activities. Our school subjects are linked to various activities that support cognitive & metacognitive learning, and facilitates the development of a wide range of skills, as mentioned below.

Academic Subjects Cognitive Processes Involved Metacognitive Learning Processes Skills Developed
General Knowledge
Current Affairs
Social Sciences
Attention & Memory
Accommodation & Assimilation
Creativity & Imagination
Decision-Making & Judgement
Ideation & Intuition
Learning & Perception
Reading & Comprehension
Reasoning & Problem-Solving
Thinking & Transposition
Activating Previous Knowledge
Explicit Strategy-based Instruction
Modelling & Memorisation Strategies
Conscious, Deliberate Practise
Independent Learning & Review
Structured Introspection
Self-Monitoring & Regulation
Literacy Skills
Transient Skills
Enduring Skills
Self-Management Skills
Socio-Emotional Skills
Communication Skills
Thinking & Research Skills
Higher-Order Thinking Skills
Leadership Skills & Global Citizenship
Transferable Hard & Soft Skills
Digital & AI skills

Whether it is about activating prior knowledge, employing explicit instruction methods, or fostering self-regulated learning, our aim is to cultivate a diverse range of competencies that empower students to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

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