Admissions FAQ's

Parents can register their child for the age-appropriate class online or in the school office. Certain documents are required to be provided while submitting the registration form. After completing the registration process, parents will be asked to visit the school campus for interaction with admission counselors or the schools to learn more about the institution and its system. Admission will be confirmed when payment of the fees is made.

Most of the Millennium schools provide transport facilities, however, there are some exceptions. Kindly contact the specific school authorities you intend to send your child.

The uniforms and books will be charged on actual. For transport and mid-day meals, they are optional.

Classes from primary to 5th standard don't need to go through written tests. The admission can be confirmed after an interview with the senior management. For senior classes, students can qualify for admission after giving the entrance tests for two subjects- Mathematics and English.

Schools organize various educational trips and excursions for the students. While some may be compulsory others are optional.

The Millennium schools take a holistic approach to impart quality education to students. We provide a learning platform where students are taught the way they want to learn.

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