The Millennial family is committed to one great vision- to nurture the inherent talent and potential of each child. We work together with parents to build a child to be a lifelong learner, innovative, and who owns a strong sense of values so that they can be a great leader tomorrow.

Millennium schools follow the CBSE guidelines for the annual period of sessions and are w.e.f. from April to March. The academic year consists of two semesters: Semester I that is from April to September and Semester 2 which is from October to March.

We usually maintain a standard teacher-student ratio of 1:12 in the primary level and 1:20 in higher classes.

We follow the Class Assessment (CAs) of every child in terms of Term Assessments (TAs) and Project Work. We have designed a sound assessment system that forms an integral part of day-to-day learning and teaching-learning processes. This allows our educators to evaluate and assess each child during the normal course of the teaching, learning process and work towards maximizing the learning potential of an individual.
Millennium Schools also have personalized Performance Enhancement Plans (PEP) that serve to provide remedial measures to bridge any learning gaps in the learning process. To cater to the learning process with each individual, our educators work on three carefully planned levels of worksheets- Acceptance, Balance, and Challenge. The directive for assessment is rather appreciative and motivating than critical.

A holistic approach where students are taught the way they want to learn. Students learn by doing. Every lesson in every class, every day is a lesson for a life time.

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