The Millennium Learning System

Class Concepts

The philosophy of the Millennium family is simple - Teach the way the child Learns, focussing on the philosophy that every child is unique. MLS is a scientific research based and award winning curriculum which is apt and loved by all children today. It is divided into five approaches-

Little Millennium

Formative years of a child form the basis of a child’s holistic growth and development. At Little Millennium we believe in providing a strong yet colourful, playful and joyful world of learning. Our unique Seven Petal Approach is the best integrated curriculum, divided into 11 themes with the core being Playway method. Plethora of activities that help the child develop their Language, Cognitive, Physical, Creative, Socio- Emotional and overall personality traits is what the Little Millennium offers.

TMS Petals

Child centric and age appropriate in every aspect, the Play Way Approach here ensures that the formative years are taken good care off and the future gets the best Leader in the form of a Millennial.


Going by the natural instinct of the child to be curious, exploratory and a keen observer at this age, we at Millennium follow the Project Based Approach. On one hand where traditional information download to a child is considered education, for us, it is the other way round.

This approach ensures that every task or concept that a child does is experiential in nature. A range of colourful books, eye catching visuals, questions to stop and think, words with meanings through our beautifully designed Pictionaries are the most unique part of this Project based learning. Strategies make the content simpler and interesting.


As true educators, we at Millennium believe that every age is a transitional phase. The child must get age appropriate and relevant education that he/she would be able to grab and derive meaning from. This age is defined by the Apprentice Based Approach. Having done good 5 years of Projects on various concepts in the Primary wing,

Class 6th Subject Books

the pre-teen here gets to experience the joy of recording and documenting key concepts in the form of an apprentice manual. The clock starts ticking for the future in terms of career options hence the Students are exposed to more than 400 vocations with logical reasoning and a path that clearly gives answers to the 5Ws and IH. This stage of the Millennium Learning System equips a child with the ability to plan their future role as a valued leader and influencer in the society, resulting in a focused career and happy life.

Class 8th Subject Books

The Millennium Learning System III attempts to understand the needs of teenaged School learners. The textual content increases in volume and becomes complex. The Graphic Organizers and Mind Maps equip the learners with tools, which come handy to assimilate and retain abstract fact in details.

The Millennium Learning System III Introduces the children to a series of vocations which play an important role in choosing the right subject options at the Senior Secondary level


The Millennium Learning System IV curriculum is designed for adolescents, who think logically and look for challenges in solving abstract concepts. The pedagogy of this learning milestone provides them with strong concept clarity, critical-thinking and decision-making skills.

Class 10th Books

Ample drill and practice which makes them examination smart. Larger concepts are broken into smaller fragments so that the learners can connect to them in coordinated units. This helps the students to easily master multiple concepts and learn advanced problem-solving strategies, which helps them to become independent learners.

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