Circular No. 18-19/TMSGRN/13 #Theme of January Month: Food

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Circular No. 18-19/TMSGRN/13

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Greetings from the Millennium School Greater Noida (W)!!

Theme of the Month: Food
Classes - Little Millennium

Dear Parents,
Wishing you a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2019!!

17 January - Fruit Salad Day
To inculcate the habit of eating healthy and staying healthy, Fruit Salad Day will be organized .The Parents are requested to send one fruit, without cutting. This activity will help the children to understand the importance of fruits in their daily diet. The teachers will help the students to prepare the salad in the class.

21 January - Pot luck -Yummy Tummy
Potluck teaches Children the concept of sharing and caring for each other. To reinforce the theme ‘Food‘ POTLUCK will be organised.
Parents are requested to send healthy food like Poori -Cholay, Roti –Sabzi, Pao- Bhaji etc. in their tiffin boxes, so that children share the same with their friends.

25 January - Dresses of India -Republic Day
Republic Day is one of the most important National Events of India. To inculcate the spirit of patriotism, we would be celebrating Republic Day in our School. Parents are requested to send their wards in Indian traditional dresses which will represent the state they belong to. They must also learn to speak at least 2 to 4 sentences about their state.

29 January -Visit to a Super Market
An Educational Trip to the Super Market will be organized to enhance the experiential learning for the overall development of our children. This will further help in removing the classroom boredom and help facilitate fast and effective learning.

The consent form should be duly signed and returned to the School/ Class Teacher. No consent will be accepted over the phone.

Warm Regards,

Ms. Madhu Tandon Ms. Nusrat Khan

Director Academics Co-ordinator


The Millennium School Greater Noida (W)

This to certify that Ms/Master ________________________ of Class EW/RTF has the permission/does not have the permission to visit the Supermarket on 29 January 2019.
In case of emergency, Parent/Guardian may be reached at the following number(s).

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